Getting to know Supervisor Matt Cornell

Supervisor Matt Cornell

August 9, 2021 | Category: News

Cetronia Ambulance Corps has four supervisors to lead two platoons. One of those supervisors is Matt Cornell. Matt has been with Cetronia since 2014 and loves helping people in the community on what typically is theirs or a loved ones worst day of their life.

We did a little Q&A with Matt …

How long have you been working at Cetronia?
I have been at Cetronia since 2014.

Before Cetronia, where did you go to school, and what did you study?
I attended Kutztown University for a history degree and Northampton Community College for an Associates Degree in Emergency Service Technologies.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a firefighter as a child.

Can you walk me through your career path from entry level position to your current position?
I started at Cetronia as an EMT, then got my Medic at George E. Moerkirk Emergency Medicine Institute through a Cetronia scholarship; became Crew Chief in 2019, and then Supervisor in 2020.

What day-to-day responsibilities does your job entail?
First thing I do when I come in is look at the schedule for any openings, then the transport schedule for any long distant transports. After that it depends on the night, but mostly entails stocking logistics, vehicle maintenance, assisting on calls, and endeavoring to ensure crews have what they need to perform their basic job functions.

What project that you’ve worked on at Cetronia are you most proud of?
No one project comes to mind but trying to keep day-to-day operations on track is very important to me.

What’s really fun about your job, and what’s really challenging?
What I enjoy most about my job is getting to do something that most people don’t think they would be able to do and to help others in our communities. I think what is most challenging for me is having to interact with people on what is most likely the worst day of their lives when they or a loved one are critically ill or injured.

How has your job here allowed you to grow personally and professionally?
It has given me the opportunity to transition from a job to a career.

What might surprise people about your job, or what’s one thing people don’t know about your position?
I think people would be surprised at the sheer number of emails I have to sort through every day. Usually it is between 75 and 150 or so.

What advice would you give to a young professional searching for a job like yours?
Just to stick with it and keep in mind that you are there to help people, whether or not you feel they need help, and to keep in mind that it’s the patients emergency not your own.