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Our Mission:

Our mission is for Cetronia Ambulance Corps to be the leader in emergency medical services, transportation and community health resources.

The Cetronia Story:

We were founded in 1955 by 8 volunteers from the tiny village of Cetronia, a suburb of Allentown, PA.

Their goal was to improve the timeliness and quality of ambulance service for their families, community and future.   Funds were tight but friends were abundant. Through contributed funds, events (and many hoagie sales), they raised enough for a well-used, but somewhat hard-running, Buick ambulance. Cetronia Ambulance Corps was born…but greater reliability and resourcefulness was clearly needed.

At that time in the 1950s and 60s, S&H green stamps were offered by many retailers as a sales incentive for customers. Save enough of them and they could be redeemed for a wide variety of rewards—household appliances, sporting goods or, in the case of the fledgling volunteer group from Cetronia, a new ambulance.

Thanks to a campaign by our founding volunteers, churches, businesses and frugal families throughout our community, Cetronia’s second lifesaving vehicle was a shiny, new Cadillac ambulance purchased entirely with S&H green stamps. 

TODAY: Cetronia is the Lehigh Valley’s leader in EMS, medical transport services and community health education.

We are based at the Cetronia Ambulance Corps Joint Operations Center (shown), a 68,000 sq. ft. facility purpose-built in 2014 to elevate the logistics of lifesaving to the highest levels of human, technological and clinical performance. Click here to learn more about our facilities.

The Past 12 Months

In the past 12 MONTHS alone, Cetronia Amblance Corps has provided…



Emergency/Non-Emergency Calls Dispatched



Cetronia Fleet Miles Traveled



Calls for Medical Care Transport



Square Miles of Emergency Care Coverage



People Protected



Health Education & Communication Events Conducted or Covered



Professionally Trained and Dedicated Employees and Volunteers


High-Performance Response Powered by


Gallons of Fuel


And all for LESS THAN 1¢Per Dollar of Cost Covered by TAX DOLLARS!

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We were founded in 1955 by 20 volunteers from the tiny village of Cetronia, a suburb of Allentown, PA.

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