Reduce Out-of-Pocket Costs with Subscriptions for Ambulance Services and Pre-Hospital Emergency Care for You and Your Family

We are pleased to offer a subscription program designed to benefit you by ensuring out-of-pocket expenses for ambulance services is kept to a minimum, or in some cases, eliminated. For less than $0.24 per day you can have complete peace of mind that both you and your family are covered. We’ve outlined our subscription program below.

How much does it cost for a subscription? For a single subscriber, the cost is $60 per year; a family subscription is $85 per year. Note: a family subscription is only applicable to those residing at your residence. Subscriptions are valid for one year from date of receipt.

Who is eligible to become a subscriber of the Cetronia Ambulance Corps’ subscription program? Cetronia Ambulance Corps’ subscription program is designed to assist the citizens of Lynn, South Whitehall, Upper Macungie, Weisenberg, and Whitehall Townships; the Borough of Coplay, as well as portions of Albany, Greenwich, Lowhill and Salisbury Townships for emergency transportation needs. The entire Lehigh Valley region benefits from the subscription program for non-emergency transports.

What types of services are included in the subscription program?
• Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Ambulance Transportation
• Non-emergency Ambulance Transportation (subject to the availability of Cetronia Ambulance Corps)
• Ambulette Transportation
• Wheelchair Transportation

Are non-emergency transports covered by my subscription? On transports not covered by most insurance (wheelchair van, ambulette and certain non-emergency transports) you will receive a 25% discount off the fees charged. Payment is collected at the time of the request.

How will Cetronia Ambulance Corps work with my insurance company for services rendered? Cetronia Ambulance Corps will file a claim with the subscriber’s insurance company for ambulance transports. If the service is covered by your insurance company, the amount paid by the insurance company will be accepted and the subscriber will only be responsible for 50% of their co-pay and if there is a deductible, the full amount of the deductible.

I have health insurance. Do I still need a subscription? Yes. A subscription with Cetronia Ambulance Corps means that you will only be responsible for 50% of your co-pay and if there is a deductible, the full amount of the deductible. Co-insurances will be waived on emergency transportations. When medically necessary, ambulances are typically covered by insurance. Insurance companies review and consider the need for an ambulance the way they would for any other medical expense. As a subscriber, those transports not covered by insurance would receive a 25% discount on services rendered. Be sure to check your health insurance benefits to find out if and when such transportation would be covered.

I have Medicare or Medicare HMO. Will a subscription benefit me? If Medicare or Medicare HMO determines ambulance transportation was not medically necessary, the subscriber will only be responsible to pay the “allowable” amount (this is the amount Medicare or Medicare HMO approved to be paid, not the full ambulance transportation charge.)

What if I am a Medicaid recipient? By law, Medicaid (medical assistance) recipients are prohibited from participating in this subscription program as it would not provide you with any additional benefits.

I received a check from my insurance company for services rendered. What should I do with it? You must forward reimbursement received from your insurance company to Cetronia Ambulance Corps.

Will I receive a subscription card in the mail? No. Your information will be stored in our database and there is no need to provide a card to show proof of your subscription for services.

Is my subscription fee tax deductible? Subscription fees are NOT tax deductible. Donations may be tax deductible.

Become a subscriber now. Fill out the online form below, or call us at 610-398-0239, Option 4. For a copy of our subscription policy, click here.

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Rates effective January 1, 2024.