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This Is Cetronia Ambulance Corps

Cetronia Ambulance Corps Survivor Story: David Heinze Full Story

Cetronia Ambulance Corps Survivor Story: David Heinze Reunion

We couldn’t be more proud of this crew for an incredible save. This is a shining example of our associates living up to our core mission of saving lives!

Cetronia Ambulance Corps Capital Campaign

For nearly 6 decades Cetronia Ambulance Corps has been saving lives and protecting the health of families here in the Lehigh Valley.  Now Cetronia needs all of us.  In the coming years the population of our Lehigh Valley will grow, with the most dramatic growth being with citizens aged 65 and older, those with the greatest need for pre-hospital emergency care.  To continue protecting the health of all our community members and to continue educating future generations of EMS professionals Cetronia Ambulance Corps must grow. After many years of planning, Cetronia Ambulance Corps is building the future of pre-hospital emergency care and education for our Lehigh Valley Community.  Cetronia’s new Joint Operations, Community Education and Lehigh County Medico-Legal Forensics Center will provide our community with integrated high speed response and advanced dispatch, enhanced security for County emergency vehicles and equipment, a community center for public and private health training and education programs, expansion of Cetronia’s existing command center to meet the projected population growth of our municipalities.  There are many great causes, but saving the lives of our very own neighbors and family members may be the best cause of all.

50th Anniversary Celebration

A look back at 50 years of excellence in emergency medical services, including interviews with a few of Cetronia’s charter members

High Performance EMS

A detailed overview of Cetronia’s transition to a High Performance EMS system and the positive impact it has on the delivery of emergency medical services.

Saving Trinidey

A grateful family who reunited with the Cetronia crew members responsible for saving their young daughter’s life.