Annual Appeal 2022

November 7, 2022 | Category: Fundraisers, News

Each year Cetronia Ambulance Corps sends an Annual Appeal mailing to the residents and businesses located within its emergency coverage territory. Your donation, large or small, is critical to our day-to-day operations. We like to think of ourselves as making a difference in this community one call at a time. Won’t you please help with our lifesaving mission?

A Message from our CEO:

Dear Community Member,

It’s 5 a.m. on a Monday morning. You wake, feeling a little tired. Nothing a good cup of coffee can’t cure, right? Coffee is in and now you’re feeling a little nauseous and sweating. In your mind, you think it will pass and you go about your normal routine. On your way to work, you realize that this day is going to be a challenge. It now feels like your neck and shoulder area are bothering you and your jaw hurts too. You’re on the job for an hour or two and end up packing it up and calling it a day. You make it back home with every intention of crawling back in bed to sleep it off, only you never make it to the bed. Your neighbors see you collapsed outside your house and rush to your aid. They call 9-1-1 and are walked through how to perform CPR on you.

YOU, my friend, are having a heart attack. Immediate care and getting you to a hospital are critical at this point. But just imagine making that call and there are no ambulance services available on what is presumably the worst day of YOUR life. In many areas across the country, that is the case. YOUR contribution can help prevent that from happening.

Only 1.1 % of our funding comes from direct municipal government. Reimbursement rates for ambulance services have not kept pace with the cost of doing business for more than 20 years. The remainder of our budget comes from transport for service fees and contributions made by individuals LIKE YOU. That is why it is so critical to support our non-profit organization. Help make sure that we are there for YOU during YOUR time of need.

Simply put, we need your support to help keep our ambulances rolling so that we can save more lives.

Robert F. Mateff Sr., Chief Executive Officer

Can we count on your donation today?