Women’s History Month

Women's History Month

March 8, 2022 | Category: News

March is Women’s History Month and March 8 was International Women’s Day. Cetronia Ambulance Corps is very blessed to have so many amazing women working to achieve its lifesaving mission. In fact, about 50 percent of our workforce are women, which is an amazing statistic. We’re highlighting one of our instructors / EMTs this month.

Name:  Sarah Schmidt
Age:   36
Position:  EMT Instructor / EMT
Cetronia: Who are your inspirations? Is there a strong woman in your life that you look up to?
Sarah: The strong Woman I look up to is Sasha, a friend of mine. Her work ethic and dedication are outstanding. She is also there to tell me I can do it and to not doubt myself.

Cetronia: What is your favorite part of working as an EMT / Instructor role?
Sarah: My favorite part of being an EMT and EMT Instructor is not only so I get to help someone when they are having the worst day of their life, I also get to educate and train future EMTs to enter this amazing career field.

Cetronia: If you could give advice to aspiring female EMTs / Paramedics / Paratransit / Communications Center role, what would it be?
Sarah: The advice that I would give a woman coming into the EMS career field is you are stronger than you think. Do not look at your size and that you are a woman you cannot do it. YOU CAN AND WILL!!

Cetronia: What is an inspirational quote you live by?
Sarah: The quote that is inspirational to me is : “My Job as an educator is not just to teach them a skill, but lighting a fire under their behinds and making them love this industry and realize why it is such an amazing rewarding industry to be in”

Cetronia: What are three important qualities women should have?
Sarah: Empathy, dedication, and drive!

Cetronia: If you could meet any influential woman, whom would you choose and why?
Sarah: If I could meet one influential woman it would be Florence Nightingale. She was the founder of modern nursing which in her time was not normal for a woman to do. She did not let her being a woman in a male dominated medical field hold her back.

Sarah Schmidt, Instructor

Sarah Schmidt, Instructor