Why everyone needs to know CPR

July 26, 2023 | Category: Article, News

It happened, again. Bright and early Monday morning a 75-year-old gentleman walked into our facility with an oxygen tank in tow. His voice was just a whisper, and he appeared to be a tad weak. He tells us his story about what happened on July 1, just three weeks earlier. The gentleman went into cardiac arrest at home. Cetronia Ambulance Corps came to his rescue and ultimately saved his life. He just stopped by to thank everyone that took part in this heroic action, even the one that cracked his ribs by doing CPR compressions for 20 minutes. He didn’t care … he was “here,” alive and doing well. He even wanted to thank the dispatcher that took the call and sent the ambulances rolling.

As this man stood there explaining his story with tears rolling down his face, it brought me to tears. Happy tears of joy that is! And it made me think that even though I am not an EMT or Paramedic, I am glad that I am certified in CPR to one day potentially be able to help save someone’s life who is in need.

It’s a rare occasion to have a grateful patient reach out to us. When it does happen, our crews are over the moon excited to get to meet the people they helped save. Most patients recognize the hospital system for their “save.” Some think that we’re just “ambulance drivers.” I can assure you that even though our crews do drive ambulances, they are so much more than just a “driver.” They helped to save this man’s life and so many others just like him. So, to the gentleman that stopped by, thank you for making our day so much brighter even through the tears!

This leads me to today’s headlines of 18-year-old Bronny James (LeBron James’ son) suffering cardiac arrest, and that of Damar Hamlin just a short couple of months ago. It sheds light on the importance of knowing how to perform CPR.

Whether you are a resident of this community, or a business owner with employees and customers walking through your door daily, take the steps to make sure YOU are prepared for a cardiac arrest or safety emergency. Learn CPR today. Save a life!

To find out more on the classes we offer, visit https://www.cetronia.org/education/community-education/.


Written by Kim Blichar, Director of Marketing & Public Relations