Thanksgiving Safety Tips

November 15, 2023 | Category: Article, News

For the Thanksgiving Holiday, Be Safe, Stay Hydrated, and Don’t Cause a Fire.

The last thing you want to experience this Thanksgiving is a poor holiday memory, such as a fire caused by cooking, getting into an accident or ending up in the hospital. Regardless of the cause, our team is here to provide assistance. Thus, here are some essential tips to keep in mind as Thanksgiving approaches to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

Safety Tips for Turkey Frying.

Thaw out your turkey. The drastic temperature change putting a frozen turkey into hot oil is something best left explained in high school chemistry lessons about reactions, and is not an experiment for your backyard or kitchen.

Location is important. Keep your fryer away from wooden porches or trees, and make sure the stand and fryer is level and sturdy. Note that the garage, no matter how large, is never a really safe space for deep fried turkey, stay outside and stay safe.

But the number one suggestion for safely frying turkey is to air fry it. Which is also healthier as the only oil required is the amount you choose to brush on for a crispy skin. (Butterball has some great tips for this and they always have their Turkey Talk-Line for any turkey help you may need.)

General Food Safety

For other food safety that doesn’t involve scalding oil, always remember to wash your hands and keep surfaces clean. Separate your raw foods, especially meats, seafood, and eggs, from your ready to eat foods, such as bread and veggies.

And, make sure you are cooking your food thoroughly and that you chill food for storage promptly after the meal.

Drink Responsibly.

Do you know what “Blackout Wednesday” is? It is the unofficial name of the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and it is statistically one of the busiest nights for bars, and unfortunately for instances of drinking and driving.

Be safe, don’t drink and drive, stay hydrated with water, consume alcohol in moderation and don’t go out on an empty stomach.

According to last year’s Holiday Binge Drinking article from the numbers of DUIs in communities that have been studied has been dropping, but it remains a big night and a largely big weekend for DUIs.

Also, as a note that may be important for anyone who does find themselves with someone who overdid it on Wednesday, the home cooked Thanksgiving meal can be a great cure for a hangover.

Driving Safety

Aside from getting rideshares, taxis, and public transportation if you’re going out to an event and might have a few drinks, driving safely for the Thanksgiving weekend is pretty standard fare. It’s not hard to remember it gets dark early, as that has been happening since Daylight Savings Time in early November, the weather is colder, and there is always the chance of snow, so check the weather before you head out.

And if you’re going on a long trip of over a few hours, it might be a good idea to check your headlights and taillights as you will be spending more time driving, since there will be less daylight to drive in.

Black Friday Safety

Aside from simply repeating the driving safety paragraphs, stay hydrated and take a snack with you if you’re going to be out early and for a long period of time. Stretching is probably a great idea as well, as you’ve just had your fill of, potentially, lots of Thanksgiving dinner and if you want to work it off by shopping, stretching is your friend.

And lastly, with all of these, remember the reason for the season. Thanksgiving is the kickoff of the “Holiday Season” and it is about joy and family and Thanksgiving specifically is about being thankful. Stay healthy and safe for you and for those who care about you.

Written By: Jason Stershic, Blogger for and Podcaster host of The Palmer Files