Annual Appeal 2023

September 20, 2023 | Category: Article

Annual Appeal 2023

From delivering a baby to becoming lifelong friends

On the morning of April 17, 2023, it was a day like no other for a local couple. Melissa M. went into labor at home. Her husband, Kevin, was ready to pass out at the thought of having to deliver a baby on his own. “My wife was in so much pain and I declared myself a big wuss,” said Kevin. Kevin did manage to pull it together and dialed 9-1-1, who were able to calm them down. The crew from Cetronia Ambulance Corps arrived shortly after and jumped into action. Within six minutes of getting there, they had delivered baby Lincoln. The heroic actions of the crew did not stop at the delivery though. Lincoln was a little stressed after the delivery, but within three to four minutes they had him breathing well and he let out a cry! “I lost it at that point. Tears just started flowing from relief and joy. THESE HEROES SAVED OUR SON’S LIFE!! Ken, Kristopher, AJ, Evan, Carly, and Kwameka, you will ALWAYS have a spot at our dinner table! I love you all and you can count on our family any time you need anything,” said Kevin.

May 24: Reunion and Stork Pinning Ceremony


“This is what makes me feel like we make a difference in our profession. It was an honor to share this moment with the family and I know we will always be connected from this moment on. I feel like I gained more friends and family.” – Ken D’Encarnacao, Paramedic

Dear Community Member,
Imagine being in Melissa’s situation. Of course, no one plans to be in any kind of emergency situation, yet this is what our crews face over 16,000 times per year. They walk into what may be the worst day of your life with care and compassion and a willingness to assist.
It’s stories like this and so many others where lives have been saved right here in this community by Cetronia Ambulance Corps. This could not happen without YOUR support! Your contributions help to keep our equipment up-to-date, and ambulances staffed and rolling.
As a non-profit, community-based health and safety organization, Cetronia serves the needs of nearly a quarter million residents living and working in the Greater Lehigh Valley. This annual appeal will help us continue the level of service and reliable care that our community is accustomed to and deserves.

Simply put, we need your support to help keep our ambulances rolling so that we can save more lives.
Please Contribute to our Lifesaving Mission!

-Robert F. Mateff Sr., Chief Executive Officer

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Cetronia Ambulance Corps is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization proudly serving the community since 1955. Our primary 9-1-1 coverage area includes South Whitehall, Whitehall, Upper Macungie, Lynn, and Weisenberg townships, as well as portions of Lowhill, Salisbury, Greenwich and Albany townships, and the borough of Coplay, Pennsylvania.