2021 Associate Awards

January 11, 2022 | Category: News

Pictured: (Top L to R) Chris Sholley; Gwen Smith; (Bottom L to R) Abigail Darnall; Matthew Krupa; Jason Lindtner.
At our Annual General Membership Meeting on December 14, 2021, we announced the winners of our Associate and Milestone Awards. Each of the associate winners received a plaque and gift card; milestone winners received a service pin and gift card.
Support Associate of the Year: Matthew Krupa; Hire year: 2017
Matt has been known to help in multiple different areas of the organization, including being a great operator of Andy the Ambulance! Matt is the leader of the Cetronia Special Operations Unit which primarily responds to large scale incidents to support emergency personnel. Cetronia’s rehab service provides water and ​nourishment to firefighters to keep them active on fire scenes. Rehab also monitors vital signs of responders during high stress situations to ensure they are healthy to continue operations.

Paratransit Associate of the Year: Gwen Smith; Hire year: 1999

Gwen has received many patient gratitude calls and letters over the past year. Her vibrant personality goes a long way in helping to make sure all her patients are well taken care of while in her hands. Gwen​ is our most experienced Paratransit associate. She is usually our “go to” when it comes to training and clearing new associates to work solo.

BLS Provider of the Year: Jason Lindtner; Hire year: 1998

Jason has been a great provider and mentor to many during his time with Cetronia. He has served not only as an EMT, but also in the Communications Center and most recently on the mobile stroke unit. Jason has about 20 years of experience when it comes to emergency services. He has had a very long career being an EMT for Cetronia Ambulance. Because of his experience, Jason routinely will partner with our new Paramedics as they become more comfortable in ​their new role. Having Jason by your side while you are caring for sick or injured patients gives you an extra layer of knowledge and skill sets that only comes with experience.

ALS Provider of the Year: Chris Sholley; Hire year: 2017

Chris has grown in many areas and has quickly emerged as one of our top ALS providers. He has been faced with many challenging calls where he has performed at the top of his game. We are lucky to have providers like Chris and look forward to what the future has in store for him.

Rookie Provider of the Year: Abigail Darnall; Hire year: 2021

Abigail is eager to learn and has shown her passion for the industry. She came aboard full-time and jumped right into action. She started on a BLS unit and is now on our ALS transport truck. She always has a positive attitude and picks up many extra shifts on our emergency units. We have no doubts ​that Abigail will excel quickly in Emergency Medical Services.
We’d also like to congratulate the following for their milestone years of service:
5 YEARS: Paul Brennan, Nicole Cornell, Padraic Daraghy, Steve Narkin, Audrey Parenti, Kwameka Romero

10 YEARS: Christina Rodger

15 YEARS: Mark A. Kleibscheidel, Michele Lukitsch

20 YEARS: Kerry L. Baldwin, Joseph Lee Kunkle

25 YEARS: Judy A. Drybola-Brokaw, Kathleen A. Fadule, Thomas W. Kociuba

40 YEARS: Franklin Bartholomew

45 YEARS: Ron Thomas

50 YEARS: Michael Nagel

During yet another unprecedented year, we’d like to thank each and every one of our associates for their dedication to Cetronia Ambulance Corps. Keep up the superb job in 2022!