10 Tips for a Safe Halloween at Any Age

October 4, 2023 | Category: Article

Whether you are a kid or a kid at heart, Halloween is a holiday for all ages. And while how much candy you choose to eat or give away is your own business, there are plenty of ways to stay safe, while satiating your sweet tooth and the sweet teeth of those around you.

So here are 10 tips for a safe Halloween at any age!

1. Be Fire Resistant
When it comes to costumes, using or wearing fire resistant materials are a great way to make sure nothing goes up in smoke. And when it comes to store-bought costumes, read the labels and be careful near open flame.

2. Test Makeup & Face Paint
When it comes to makeup and face paint, test it on your forearm to make sure you are not allergic and that there is no skin irritation. If there is, you have time to find an alternative.

3. Beware Your Eyes
There are no decorative contact lenses without a valid prescription that are FDA approved, so while this is a year-round concern for the FDA, cases of eye injury increase around Halloween. When in doubt, glasses are the way to go.

4. The Buddy System
Not to be limited to trick or treating, if you are heading to a party the buddy system is also a good call. Always know where your buddy is, and make sure you have your phone with you, so that help is always just a quick call away.

5. Be Seen
Again, whether you are trick-or-treating or perhaps just going out, remember that the sun is setting earlier and that it gets darker quicker. Glow sticks, flashlights, even a reflective candy bag can all make you more visible to cars and other pedestrians. Perhaps it doesn’t go with your costume, but who can say no to a glow stick?

6. Hydrate
Whether you are going house-to-house enjoying the trick-or-treating with friends and family or you are heading to that house party, be sure to stay hydrated. Perhaps the last thing you’ll think to take with you is a bottle of water, but it may just be the best thing to keep you going to the next house or for the next dance.

7. Inspect Your Candy
Ripping into your trick-or-treat stash is a time honored tradition for young trick-or-treaters, but be sure to inspect your candy to make sure it is factory wrapped and that any candy you may be allergic to is “gifted” to your parents or friends who can enjoy it. This holiday is about having fun and that usually doesn’t include the epi-pen.

That said, do you know where your epi-pen is? Now may be a good time to make sure it’s not expired.

8. Look Out
For drivers, be aware that cities and boroughs all have their own designated trick-or-treat evenings, so just because your house will be greeting trick-or-treaters on one night, doesn’t mean it is the same for all places you may be traveling. So during the last week of October, it may be a good idea to look at some municipal calendars for exact trick-or-treat dates and their rain dates.

9. Plan Ahead
Be sure you know when your trick-or-treat is, and if older children are going without adult supervision, make sure there is a schedule for when to expect their return. Cell phones are great if you want to check in with those in your family out and about, if you are home giving out candy to the rest of the neighborhood.

Turn on your porchlight and sidewalk lighting if you have any if you are giving out candy and turn off your lights when you run out.

10. Eat and drink responsibly
Candy, cookies, sugary drinks, alcohol, all of these should be consumed within moderation and by those of appropriate age. Because you can have too much of a good thing. Remember that the holiday season is just a month away when you are counting your candy, and moderation is the key for enjoying it without overindulging.

There you have it, some common sense, and easy tips for a safer Halloween. These are important to not be overlooked to be able to enjoy your scares and frights from haunted houses and scary movies.

Because while Halloween can be about enjoying some scares and frights, know that the statistics on accidents around the holiday are also frightening and not in a good way. Be safe and enjoy the candy and the scares that are safe, so you can enjoy the same stuff next year.

Written by: Jason Stershic, Blogger for AgentPalmer.com and Podcaster host of The Palmer Files

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