Cetronia Ambulance Corp

Job Description


Job Title:               Paramedic

Pay:                          $30 – 36/hr based on experience

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To provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) patient care, ambulance transportation, and other duties as assigned.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Provides emergency and non-emergency ambulance operations in conjunction with a partner, demonstrating excellent judgment and due regard for personal, as well as, public safety and inter-agency cooperation and effectiveness.
  • Provides ALS patient care by ensuring ALS operating and clinical practices, and adheres to established guidelines, treatment protocols, policies and procedures.
  • Administers prescribed first aid treatment at the site of the emergency or in specifically equipped vehicles, performing activities such as; application of splints, administration of oxygen, intravenous injections, EKG interpretation, cardiac defibrillation, advanced airway management, treatment of minor wounds or abrasions or administrating of artificial resuscitation.
  • Evaluates and treats patients with proper techniques and appropriate use of resources and equipment.
  • As a member of an emergency medical team, provides functional guidance to an EMT/EMT-D partner as appropriate.
  • Follows instructions of medical command physician, physician medical director, and/or in-charge public agency officials.
  • Monitors communication equipment to maintain contact with the dispatcher.
  • Responds to instructions from an emergency medical dispatcher and drives specially equipped emergency vehicles to specified locations in the most appropriate, safe and efficient manner.
  • Determines the nature and extent of illness or injury, or magnitude of catastrophe, to establish first aid procedures to be followed or determine the need for assistance, basing decisions on statements of the persons involved, examinations of victim or victims and knowledge of emergency medical practices.
  • Removes and assists in the removal of victims from an accident scene or catastrophe and transfer of victims to the treatment center.
  • Communicates with professional medical personnel and emergency treatment facilities to obtain instructions regarding further treatment and to arrange reception of victims at the treatment site.
  • Assists treatment center admitting personnel in obtaining and reporting information related to the victim’s vital statistics and circumstances of the emergency.
  • Assists professional medical personnel in the emergency treating facility.
  • Appropriately completes medical treatment, transport and billing documentation and submits each document in a timely manner.
  • Maintains vehicle and medical equipment and replenishes first aid supplies and equipment.
  • Maintains units and equipment in a clean, organized and ready condition after each response.
  • Ensures proper fuel, liquids, and tire pressure levels at all times and reports equipment damage or malfunctions to the appropriate person or supervisor.
  • Assists in controlling crowds, protecting valuables or performing any other duties at the scene of the catastrophe.
  • Responds to emergency situations and may go from a rested position to a high stress situation within a few minutes.
  • Maintains a thorough working knowledge of current ALS standards of care, including equipment functions and uses.
  • Maintains a thorough working knowledge of local geography, including mapping, street, and grid book systems.
  • Completes all station duties and maintains crews quarters and facilities in accordance with established corps procedures.
  • EMS is a team effort and paramedics shall provide necessary assistance to ensure system sanitation, readiness and adherence to quality assurance standards.
  • Paramedic will QA/QI evaluative functions for ALS and BLS tripsheets including the following tasks:
  • Matching Case numbers to corresponding tripsheets
  • Auditing tripsheet for appropriate treatment and documentation
  • Responsible to respond to QA/QI on the next duty shift or within 7 days
  • Emergency Services operates on a 24-hour clock. The paramedic’s assigned work shift schedule and station assignment may vary, however, he/she shall be available to respond immediately for call during assigned work period and shall meet or exceed established performance response standards. The individual usually eats at the job site for this period.


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  • Professional communications techniques.
  • Methods and techniques of providing on-site ALS emergency medical services.
  • Use of medical and related emergency medical equipment.
  • Applicable BLS and ALS service levels, clinical practices, procedures, protocols, and quality assurance guidelines.
  • Local area EMS infrastructure and geography.

Technical Skills

  • Evaluating and treating patients
  • Exercising independent judgment and providing guidance to EMT partners when appropriate
  • Promoting mutual respect and effective working relationships with public agency personnel and other healthcare providers.
  • Communicating effectively at all levels, both orally and in writing.
  • Planning, coordinating and scheduling work assignments and time off.
  • Preparing clear and concise reports, documents and records.

Behavioral and Physical Skills

  • Act calmly and quickly in emergency situations.
  • Create and maintain a positive and cooperative working environment in stressful situations.
  • Work during odd hours and for extended periods, sometimes outdoors and in adverse weather conditions.
  • Work smoothly and professionally in an environment where teamwork is essential.
  • Work independently with a minimum of supervision for assigned tasks.
  • Work with standing, bending, and kneeling; physical dexterity.
  • Work with partner in lifting patients whose weight may exceed 200 pounds.
  • Exercise sound independent judgment within general policy and procedural guidelines.
  • Anticipate and identify problems and take initiative to prevent or correct them.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with all levels of personnel within the medical community, the Corps, outside agencies and customers.
  • Avoid or minimize health risks from exposure to infectious patients.

Certification(s) and/or License(s)

  • Must possess and maintain a valid State of Pennsylvania driver license.
  • Must possess and maintain a valid State of Pennsylvania paramedic certification.
  • Must possess and maintain PALS certification.
  • Must possess an EVOC certification (NSC of VFIS) or complete this course within sixty (60) days from starting date.
  • Must maintain ACLS certifications.
  • Paramedics must maintain CPR certification. (ARC or AHA are acceptable)
  • Paramedics must acquire and maintain accreditation through an Annual Medical Command Authorization by the Corps Physician Medical Director.
  • Must have completed an annual Blood Borne Pathogen/TB/Haz-Com Awareness Program

Education and/or Experience

  • High School graduate.
  • Completion of course work and certification as a Pennsylvania paramedic.
  • A minimum of one (1) year field experience as an EMT, EMT-P, or RN.
  • Maintain 18 Continuing Education Units per calendar year


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