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Cetronia Ambulance Corps offers an affordable subscription program designed to control the out-of-pocket expenses related to ambulance transportation and pre-hospital emergency medical care for you and your family.  Many medical insurance plans only cover a portion of the fees associated with pre-hospital emergency care and medical transportation.  As a subscriber, you will not be billed for balances owed on services that are partially covered by your insurance carrier, with the exception of deductibles as mandated by Federal Law.  On non-covered services (wheelchair van, ambulette, medi-car and certain non-emergency transports) you will receive a 25% discounted rate.*

Cetronia's subscription program will save you on the costs of medical transportion.  Benefits cover non-emergency services, as listed, for a multi-county area.  However, emergency service subscription benefits apply only if you require emergency service in one of the areas in which Cetronia is the primary emergency provider.  These areas include: Coplay, South Whitehall, Weisenberg, Whitehall, Upper Macungie and portions of Lowhill, Lynn and Salisbury townships.

Become a subscriber today by contacting our offices at 610-398-0239 and requesting a subscription form.  Even if a subscription is not right for you, Cetronia Ambulance Corps welcomes your tax deductible donation.  We rely on subscription memberships, donations, grants, insurance reimbursements and user fees to sustain and improve our advanced life-saving operations.  Your generous contributions allow us to maintain our committment to excellence in pre-hospital and continuously reinvest into our High Performance and Nationally Accredited EMS system.  With recent cuts in health care reimbursements, the advent of health care reform and the growing number of requests for services, your participation in our subscription program is now more important than ever...with your support, we can remain “Always Ready” to serve and care for life’s most precious resources – the people of our community!

*While you will still receive emergency medical services if you do not subscribe to our program, we strongly encourage all residents to participate in order to avoid costs above and beyond what typical insurance payments will cover.

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$75.00 Family Membership    $55.00 Single Membership
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Cetronia Ambulance Corps reserves the right to any available third party billing. Co-insurance and deductible collections are made as required by your insurance. I request that payment of authorized Medicare, Medicaid or other insurance benefits be made payable directly to Cetronia Ambulance Corps on my behalf for any service(s) provided or supplied. I authorize any holder of hospital or medical information about me, or my family members, be released to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMD), its agents or carriers, as well as Cetronia Ambulance Corps. This information or documentation is to be utilized strictly for the purposes of determining the benefits payable for related services.

Membership fees are NOT tax deductible. Donations ARE tax deductible.
Memberships are valid for one year from date submitted