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Legacy Giving

A legacy gift is often one that is arranged during a person’s lifetime, but is not actualized until after their death.  It is a way for many to make a significant gift to a charitable organization, one that may not have been possible during their life due to financial limitations or concerns.  Cetronia Ambulance Corps offers contributors two different ways to make such a gift:

The most common forms of a legacy gift are those made in a will or bequest.  Often times, we do not learn of a contributor’s intention to include Cetronia Ambulance Corps in their estate plans until after their passing.  It is sad when we don’t get the opportunity to personally thank a contributor for making such a generous and thoughtful gift to our organization.  Therefore, we ask that if you have included Cetronia Ambulance Corps in your estate plans or are considering such a gift, please take a moment to contact our Development Director.

Another way individuals can leave a legacy gift is by establishing a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA). The Haverford Trust Company, a well respected financial organization in Pennsylvania, serves as a partner with Cetronia to offer this benefit to our supporters.

A CGA is a planned gift which offers a significant lifetime benefit for the contributor/assignee(s).  In exchange for establishing a CGA of $10,000 or more, the assignee(s) receives a fixed lifetime income based on their age(s) at the time the annuity is set up.  A contractual agreement is established between Cetronia Ambulance Corps and a contributor whereas cash, appreciated securities or other assets, are contributed to the Corps; in return the contributor receives a tax deduction and a pre-established guaranteed income for the rest of their life.  

If you are interested in making a legacy gift to Cetronia Ambulance Corps, please contact Larry Wiersch at 610-398-0239 ext.502 or WierschL@cetronia.org