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Youth Programs

Cetronia’s Youth Programs are designed to offer a hands-on experience that is educational, fun and rewarding. Participants will be encouraged to use their knowledge, experience and abilities to entrench themselves in the community and to help provide emergency medical services. Cetronia's Youth Programs will provide you with the opportunity for life-saving:


Want to know more about  EMS? Interested youth are given the opportunity to observe and ride-a-long with a nationally accredited Cetronia Ambulance crew. Under the supervision of Cetronia’s highly skilled Paramedics & EMT’s, observers will witness firsthand what it like is to be on an ambulance and respond to emergency calls. Cetronia staff will also come to your youth group to give an overview of EMS, its career opportunities and demonstrations of life-saving equipment. 

Please contact our Education Department for more information on ride-a-longs or any of the following youth programs, including our annual summer EMS youth camp, or call Stephen Hall at 610-398-0239, ext. 517.

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Teen Associate Program
Cetronia’s Teen Associate Program (TAP), allows youth age 14-18 who complete the Emergency Medical Responder course or higher to serve as a third person on Cetronia’s basic and advanced life support ambulances. Teen associates are given firsthand experience in assisting a crew to administer pre-hospital emergency medical care. Call Stephen Hall, director of education, for upcoming TAP class dates. 610-398-0239, ext. 517

Boy/Girl Scout Merit Badges
Cetronia Ambulance Corps instructors are trained to provide BSA Merit Badge training for Eagle Scout required First Aid and Emergency Preparedness, as well as Ready Man training. Cetronia also conducts First Aid practice and drills in accordance with BSA guidelines, as well as the "Best Self" Badge for the Girl Scouts.  Additionally, we are happy to host scouting troops for station and vehicle tours.

"Andy the Ambulance"
"Andy the Ambulance" is a robotic replica of a Cetronia ambulance with the ability to interact with young children in an innovative and effective way, educating them in the following areas - How to Call 911, When to Call 911, What to do in an Emergency and basic safety and first aid measures. Andy is a fully animated robot that moves, speaks, listens and can activates his lights and sirens; he is ideal for visiting day-care centers, pre-schools and elementary schools.

Community Service/Graduation Projects
Cetronia Ambulance Corps provides high school students an exciting and fast-paced environment for them to complete community service or fulfill their state required graduation projects. Successful students typically have an interest in health care or public safety.