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Thank You Letters

"I can’t thank your staff enough for all of your support during the October power outages and storms. It is reassuring knowing South Whitehall Township has Cetronia Ambulance Corps as our EMS provider and EMA partner, always willing to step up to the plate."
Jeff Kelly, Emergency Management Coordinator South Whitehall Township
"A member of our family had a serious heart event that would have been fatal had it not been for your quick and life-saving actions. You brought her heart back twice and got her to the hospital in record time. Your decisive actions saved Pat's life and we all thank you for being so instrumental in her rescue."
Anonymous, A Grateful Family
"It is with sincere thanks and a deep appreciation that we acknowledge your generous donation to the Whitehall Food Pantry. It is through your ministry to others that we continue the work of the Lord. Your generous collection of food and money has provided holiday meals for many families in the Whitehall area."
The Whitehall Food Pantry, Whitehall, Pa
“My wife had a severe allergic reaction to a bee sting. The responding crew had matters well in hand, performing their duties superbly and with the utmost of professionalism - I never had any doubt that she was in good hands. I have always valued the great service that paramedics and emergency medical technicians provide to communities, and it has always been well-known to me and to most everyone in the Lehigh Valley that Cetronia Ambulance Corps provides top quality emergency medical services
Anonymous, A Thankful Husband and Friend to EMS
“Thank you for caring thoughts and concern following my son’s motorcycle accident. He said it was the “best ambulance crew” he could have ever had. Thank you again for your promptness, caring, efficiency, thoughts and concern. You are all the best!”
Anonymous, A Concerned Mom and ED Nurse
“Thank you for sending your Medi-Car to pick me up for therapy appointments. I appreciate the driver’s help in getting me in and out my house. The Medi-Car was so immaculate; I’ve never been in such a clean car! I enjoyed his compassion and conversation. Now that therapy is over, I have many good memories of him and am thankful that he was sent to me.”
Anonymous, A Satisified Customer
“Thank you for your service to our community. We value the partnership with you and look forward to other opportunities to work together for a safer, healthier church and community.”
Jordan United Church of Christ, Allentown, Pa
“We are thankful beyond belief for the assistance that Cetronia Ambulance Corps provided in the delivery of our daughter Samantha. By the time I realized I was in labor, getting to the hospital in time was no longer an option. The crews that arrived were not only calm, professional and extremely efficient, but were friendly, happy and upbeat – in short, they were absolutely wonderful to be around in the midst of such a crisis.”
Jennifer Ramme, Proud Mom and Whitehall Township Resident
Unlike most families EMS is a bit different. We not only have to take care of our colleagues when a loved one falls ill, but many times we also provide care to that loved one. Cetronia cared for my mother more than once, as an ALS, BLS and a para-transit patient, always in a caring and professional manner. Throughout the past several months all of my friends and colleagues at Cetronia were incredibly supportive and for this I thank you.”
Anonymous, A longtime Cetronia Volunteer