Cetronia - Health on Wheels
Special Operations

Bike Team
The Cetronia Ambulance Corps Bike Team provides quick medical response and care where traditional ambulance services can be delayed. Getting quick and efficient access to the sick and injured in an emergency vehicle at highly attended special events can sometimes be challenging. Precious minutes are sometimes lost by being detained in event traffic, physical barriers, or attempting to get through a crowd of pedestrians. Cetronia’s Bike Team can easily maneuver through crowds and obstacles getting to the patient in a more timely and efficient manner, enhancing patient care outcomes at high-density spectator events.

If you are interested in scheduling the Cetronia Ambulance Corps Bike Team for a special event or would like more information, please contact Jennifer Glose at 610-398-0239 Ext. 511 or GloseJ@cetronia.org.

Strike Team
The Cetronia Ambulance Corps Strike Team is responsible for deploying two ambulances to any disaster zone and operating in a self-sufficient manner.  Deployments can range from 72 hours up to three weeks long.  Cetronia’s Strike Team is composed of 6 EMT’s and 6 Paramedics who respond as part of the Region 2 EMS Council Strike Unit.  In the past, this team has responded to Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav in Louisiana, as well as to the recent natural disasters in New Jersey and Northeastern Pennsylvania.

For more information, please contact Mike LaPearl at 610-398-0239 Ext. 571 or LapearlM@cetronia.org.

Tactical EMS
Cetronia Ambulance Corps is the only EMS service in Lehigh County to provide members to the Regional Tactical EMS Team.  Two of Cetronia’s highly skilled paramedics train and respond with various police SWAT teams including Lehigh County M.E.R.T. and Berks County E.R.T. This highly specialized team is limited to experienced paramedics (more than 5 years).  Try-outs for the Tactical EMS Team occur approximately every three years.  Members of this team are highly motivated, self reliant and able to work in very austere and hazardous environments.

For additional information, contact Chris Peischl at 610-398-0239 Ext. 501 or PeischlC@cetronia.org.