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Ambulance Billing

EMS billing specialists must meet the ever-changing reimbursement and compliance issues with competency and expertise; Cetronia’s billing department offers an exceptional blend of ambulance billing experience, knowledge and resources.

It is our belief that our stringent processes are the reason why other emergency medical services have contracted with Cetronia Ambulance Corps to manage their accounts receivable and patient collections functions.  Cetronia’s attention to detail as it relates to federal and state governmental compliance regulations is why Cetronia effectively collects its accounts receivables.

To learn if Cetronia Ambulance Corps billing service could benefit your organizations ambulance billing needs, please call Larry Wiersch at 610-398-0239 Ext. 502.

If you are a customer and have a question about your bill, please call 610-395-6381 to speak with one of our billing specialists.