Cetronia - Health on Wheels

There are two levels of ambulance service offered by Cetronia Ambulance Corps – Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS).

Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances can provide a variety of services to patients who require immediate medical attention and transportation.  ALS units are capable of managing pre-hospital emergency response, non-emergency response and specialty care transports.  These ambulances are staffed with a Paramedic or Pre-hospital Registered Nurse (PHRN) and an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).  Cetronia Ambulance Corps’s ALS providers are highly trained and skilled in the following areas:

  • Advanced medical therapies
  • Administer and monitor approved medications of the Eastern PA EMS Region and Cetronia Ambulance Corps
  • Advanced airway techniques
  • Apply electrodes, monitor cardiac activity, and interpret EKG rhythms
  • 12-Lead EKG Interpretation
  • All EMT -Basic skills
  • Advanced levels of training and life-saving care

Basic Life Support (BLS)
Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances provide both emergency and non-emergency medical transports.  These ambulances are staffed with two Emergency Medical Technicians and can respond on BLS emergency calls as well as a variety of non-emergency transports.  BLS providers are proficient in the following areas:

  • Patient assessment
  • Basic life support including CPR and AED
  • Oxygen administration
  • Basic emergency medical care