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CAAS Accreditation

In our role as the leader in emergency medical services, transportation and community health resources, Cetronia Ambulance Corps has been nationally recognized by the ambulance service industry.  In 2008, Cetronia became the only provider in Eastern Pennsylvania to achieve the Gold Standard of Organizational Excellence from the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Service (CAAS).  This accreditation signifies that our organization exceeds standards established by both state and local regulation and it recognizes our core values, our processes and all the things we do to serve our community and our patients.  

Any ambulance service can claim it provides quality service.  However, only an accredited agency can demonstrate it through consistent application and enforcement of its procedures, systems and reports. Our national accreditation represents our committment to excellence and further demonstrates that Cetronia associates have a passion for saving lives.  To the communities we serve, our accreditation signifies that Cetronia will provide support for educational programs and response to natural disasters or catastrophic events.  To our customers, it signifies the high level of patient care they will recieve and ensures them that they can count on continuous quality improvement being the mission and purpose of our service.

Cetronia Ambulance Corps is one of only seven ambulance services to be nationally accredited in the state of Pennsylvania; one of 144 from a total of over 17,000 ambulance services in the United States that have achieved this distinction.

The map below highlights the CAAS accredited agencies in the tri-state area.

Cetronia CAAS