Cetronia - Health on Wheels

Cetronia Ambulance Corps has proudly partnered with ICEdot, an emergency identification and notification service, and is helping to expand their first responder network into the Lehigh Valley.  In an effort to better protect our residents, we strongly encourage you to sign up for this free service.  The ICEdot service, which stands for "In Case of Emergency", can improve treatment at the scene of an accident by providing first responders with vital patient information such as a patients identifcation, key medical data including previous medical conditions, allergies and medications, which ultimately increases your chances of survival. 

How It Works
When Cetronia's first responders arrive on scene and see the yellow ICEdot sticker on the car's rear window, they are trained to look in the glove box for the emergency response profile.  By having access to key information and medical data, first responders are able to quickly and accurately administer proper treatment to the injured. The service also has features that will send notifications to your designated emergency contacts. 

How To Get Started
Create your emergency response profile at www.icedot.org.  Print your profile and place it in the glove compartment of your vehicle.  Place the yellow ICEdot sticker on the lower left driver's side rear window of your vehicle.